Gladiator challenge day 8

Wow… it’s done. Well done! CELEBRATE YOUR WIN BY GIVING BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY Provided you feel that you have accomplished in principle the directives of the Gladiator $10 a week Challenge then celebrate by donating the monies you have saved from your normal weekly spend to the $10 you have just spent [...]

Gladiator challenge day 7

  Congratulations you have made it to day 7 ! Today is the last day of your amazing journey! How will you finish it? Will you do the minimum requirements that have been asked or will you go beyond? Gladiators were known for their toughness and ability to shine whilst facing tough conditions [...]

Gladiator challenge day 6

  Congratulations you have made it to day 6 on the Gladiator $10 a week Challenge! TODAY I WANT YOU TO FOCUS ON MENTAL STRENGTH AND TOUGHNESS! You have done very well to get this far, and the finish line is in sight! Your rations may be dwindling but you have a plan [...]

Gladiator challenge day 5

  Congratulations you have made it to day 5 on the Gladiator $10 a week Challenge! TAKE A BREATH AND REFLECT ON WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SO FAR! Are you ok? Do you feel hungry? Are you sustained and in control? Have you learnt some important lessons so far and importantly can you [...]

Gladiator challenge day 4

  Congratulations on making it to day 4! Today I want you to concentrate on being “Present” and concentrate on living purely in the given moment! Planning well the night before will give you a plan and time frame for each objective that you must meet today. Keep to the plan and concentrate [...]

Gladiator challenge day 3

  Congratulations you have made it to day 3! Today lets concentrate on the exercise protocols! You have accomplished 2 days so far, and now you should have a good idea of how hard the exercise program is! If it’s not hard for you then do more…go for it! TODAY I WANT YOU [...]

Gladiator challenge day 2

  Congratulations you have made it to day 2. Today I want you to focus on each individual item of food that you have, and understand the important function it has in your ability to accomplish all the tasks that you are required to complete for day 2 of the Gladiator $10 a [...]

Gladiator challenge day 1

  If you weren’t allowed to eat anything for the next 7 days and only drink water, chances are you would survive! You won’t without water! Water is the most important nutrient you can give your body to sustain itself. I recommend drinking as much as you can each day throughout the 7 [...]

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