Derek Boyer“I have taken action by creating an exciting opportunity for good people everywhere to reconnect with the true value of food as a precious gift, lose unwanted fat, get fit and give back generously to their own local communities with the monies they have saved…..

However I can’t do this alone, and I need your help!

The Gladiator $10 a week Challenge is a worthy challenge that is worth sharing…..but it needs you to take action to participate, and/or sponsor with donated funds to help promote this campaign to a greater audience.

My sincere pledge and guarantee to you is that all monies that you donate to this project will be used exclusively to market this challenge to a broader world audience.

I am committed with absolute resolve to this measure”

Derek Boyer

How can you support this Challenge?

  1. Create discussion about this challenge with your friends personally, and through social media.
  2. Join our Facebook family
  3. Take on this 7 day challenge and share your experience and learnings to everyone
  4. Contact Derek Boyer to discuss partnership proposals

How can you participate in this Challenge?


Build team and tribal unity within a corporate environment based on the challenge of working together in small groups to survive.  Effective communication and brand building is expected as part of this challenge. To express your interest or to make further enquires, contact Derek Boyer.


Anyone anywhere on planet earth can participate as long as they are fit and healthy and have their doctor’s approval to take on this worthy 7 day survival challenge. All you need to do is join us to begin.

How can you help market this Challenge to the world?

The success of this challenge is hugely reliant on a successful marketing campaign. And whilst we are doing a variety of free marketing activities, we could achieve a lot more with a marketing budget.

I can guarantee that all marketing budget donations will be used for spreading the word via social media and PR campaigns so we can reach as many like-minded people as possible. I will provide regular updates on how the money has been spent and the results we’ve achieved.

Invest now with either a Personal or Business based funded pledge, by sending an expression of interest via our Contact Page.

Valued sponsors and supporters

I’d like to personally thank the following generous people for their highly valued support to date:

  • Oz Harvest Australia  /  Charity
  • Leon Glynn  /  Sponsor
  • Tom Pickerd   / Sponsor
  • Jayden Hoskin. Contact: 040300566   / Australian Documentary
  • Samir Bernardes. Contact: 0468374893     / USA Documentary
  • Brooke Spethman  / USA Camera

Contact us about becoming a Sponsor or Supporter